Children Safe Uganda Board members

Children Safe Uganda Board members

About Children Safe Uganda
Since 1968 when CSU was founded, the situation of children in Uganda continues to face many challenges-including HIV/AIDS, orphan hood, civil wars and conflict. Child abuse is on the rise and many children escape their foster parents due to corporal punishments; the number of street children has increased, and some have become sex workers. All these changes have increased the number of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC). There is therefore a greater call for interventions to address the plight of OVCs in Uganda and the world over.

Our Vision:
Our vision is to see that the most vulnerable people transformed economically, socially, physically, intellectually and spiritually.

Our Mission:
Empowering the children, families and communities to more ably their basic needs.

Our Values:
God fearing, Transparency, Team work, commitment to the disadvantaged, partnership

Our Staff (Children Safe Uganda))

Our Staff (Children Safe Uganda)

Children Safe Uganda