Reagan is a 14 year aged boy borne to Nansamba Yasinta and Kakooza Lawrence both of Kalangala district.

Reagan lost his father who had nowhere to be buried but be laid at Kalangala Health Centre burial grounds and was left in the custody of his mother who had to care for him and his siblings. Amidst the puzzle, Nansamba (Reagan’s mother) sought redress from a nearby pastor who supplied her the sugarcanes which she sold to make a living who in turn told her of another pastor who would be of help. On the eventful day, Mr. Sengendo (the said pastor) came to the mother at night hours to convince her on how he was to help the family. Pastor Mugerwa who was in charge of the family’s spirituality says he talked to Nansamba in protest of the decision she had taken but all in vain.

“I was brought from my parents with my young brother (Jonah) by Mr. Edward Ssengendo who said would take good care of us as he claimed to be a pastor and he brought us to Masaka where we lived miserably in lack of food but only being put to labor for this pastor until we were rescued by the police and taken back to our parents”, Said the 14 year old Reagan.

When we reached home we found our mother preparing for another marriage with a different pastor who had no interest whatsoever in us- the children. While still wondering on what to do with us, Mr. Eduard Ssengendo escaped from the police cell and returned to Kalangala in quest for us and our mother decided to tradeoff me who was old to save her marriage. I was then brought with another boy called Sadic to Kampala to pastor Johnson of Lunnya- Katale where we would labor for Pastor Eduard Sengendo in exchange for food and shelter. Reagan further narrates.

Nalukwago Agnes a Kawoto village resident says“One morning Eduard came to me as a fellow christian and asked me to stay with Reagan for a day promising to have gone to collect his debt and return for the boy only to realize it was a lie -the man had ran away. Being stranded with the boy I ran to the authorities wanting help as regards to the child though the help I got was limited. However, the man once came back in a bid to take the boy unnoticed and when I saw him I told him we go to the police and clear of the case I had reported, he refused and ran away since then”.

Amidst total confusion with respect to the child who we could not meet his basic necessities and even afraid of the sexual results from the children who are in their early teens and given the fact that we all share the same room as wife, husband and children, I was directed to Children Safe Uganda where I went to seek redress for the Child.

Children Safe Uganda (CSU) then started rehabilitating the child and soon Reagan was put back to School and started in primary three. Reagan whose dream was to reunite with his mother and his young brother Jonah was brought to trouble by the sad news of his mother’s death. The news came through the pastor who resided in Katale from where Reagan was neglected to Agnes, the pastor wanted to have Reagan visit his mother’s burial grounds yet he claimed not to know where the mother was buried and all plans to meet this pastor by CSU were futile.

Reagan who always wanted to study and later buy his mother sugar, soap and bread lost reason for life and thus wished himself death upon hearing his mother’s demise. With love and constant counselling however, Reagan later overcame the depression he had succumbed to and always wanted to know more about his mother and siblings above all get to know his blood (relatives).

Reagan’s knowledge of Pastor Mugerwa of Nakatiba- Kalangala where they lived was an entry point for Children Safe Uganda to reunite the child with his relative. On the 22nd January 2018, CSU staff with Reagan travelled to kalangala district, Nakatiba Village where we reached during late evening hours and were welcomed by Pastor Mugerwa who never expected us. He (pastor Mugerwa) claimed to have been looking for the child since Nansamba’s death though he had not reported the case to police. He also disclaimed himself from knowing anything concerning Mr. Ssengendo, however, he wanted to stay with Reagan and insisted not to allow Reagan live his side yet also hesitant to connect us with Reagan’s relatives.

Finally, with the help of the chairman- Nakatiba village, mugerwa gave CSU staff contact of Reagan’s maternal uncle and in good faith, Mugerwa realized how important it was for Reagan to be reunited with his relatives. Edward (Reagan’s uncle) directed us to Reagan grandmother who lives in Kitembo-Nzeela- Kalungu District where we proceeded to from Kalangala on the 24th January 2018.

While in Kalungu, we visited the District Community Development Officer and then continued to kitembo where we met the waiting grandmother and Edward. The grandmother was very humbled upon seeing the grandson who she believed was sacrificed by whoever pastor took him in pretense to give good care.

We have often checked on to know how he is doing and it is a pleasure for he is copping up well with his relatives.

The gallery portraying Reagan’s reunion with his relatives: