Currently we have 82 children through our program of Bweya children Home. These children are expected to eat, treated; provide all the essentials to them. You can decide to choose either all or an item as indicated below:-

$25 provides food for a child for an entire month
$35 provides food and medicine for a child for an entire month
$60 provides food, medicine, school supplies, and tuition for a child for an entire month.

CHILDREN SAFE UGANDA – What do you expect when you sponsor a child?
You will be receiving a child annual progress report; annual community progress report; at least your child will be writing to you twice  a year; annual health assessment report of your child; and update photo of your child on a yearly basis.

We have programs which need organizations, companies or charities to join us for a noble mission. If you feel called to serve with us you can choose one of the programs you may feel comfortable to partner with us and inquire more about it. Needs assessment of each program as mentioned above was carried out and a report can be provided on request

Projects are carefully selected so that the activities are in line with the organization’s vision and mission.
Volunteers get involved in:

  1. Paint children’s homes.
  2. Involvement in health sectors
  3. Build or Plaster a building
  4. Teach skills to children and adults.
  5. Teach in a nursery and a primary school
  6. Teach community women on nutrition
  7. Work with HIV/Aids women and youth groups
  8. Help elderly women in the community
  9. Spend quality time with children.
  10. Among others depending on the plan.

Interested donors/partners should send in your application through the address given, we will contact you in the shortest period to inform you the detailed requirements.
Your donation regardless of its size, can change a child’s life by:
Providing basic needs, School requirements, and Medical care among others.

For any details on how you can contribute towards Children Safe Uganda, contact  us on the below address

P. O. BOX, 2506,
Kampala Uganda
East Africa
Phone contact: +256 772 437 615 / +256 752 355 716
Email (Director):