Home confectionery is paramount for every citizen. Baking chapati is a life skill imparted to children at bweya children’s home

Children learn book making not only as a life skill but also for their entrepreneurship benefits. Once a child is brought up in this way, be safe such a child will have enhanced entreprenuerial skills.

The gifts you give to us are a blessing to our lives. Thank you so much

Allowing children to perform tasks with zero or minimal supervision helps them excel in their dealings and improves their self esteem

Being a good example to children is an important teaching method. Strive to teach by action as a compliment to teaching by word

Children belong to families. Struggle not to separate but to unite children with their relatives

All children feel loved when shown love by their parents. Take time to show your child/ren that you love them regardless of their sex.

Fruitful living is a result of god’s grace. Children deserve to be taught and helped to draw close to god for a better living

Parents need to give company to children when it is time to go to school for this brings cherishable memories in the minds of the children and boosts the relationship held between the children and their parents

A right to education is for both boys and girls. It should not be discriminative

A strong meal is not only healthier for children but also brings a smile to the faces of the litlle angels created by god.

Peeling matooke is one of the first steps to preparing a matooke meal. Children ought to know this.