Children Safe Uganda – Because of the rising number of needy children in the community, CSU started a primary school at her premises to meet their education needs.  Because of the financial challenges in running the school, Children Safe Uganda decided to seek support from the government. Currently, teachers’ salaries are met by the Government and the school has 450 children. The unfortunate bit of it is that, the standard went down since CSU was no longer fully supporting this school. A high rate of school- drop out children is increasing as a result of so many factors such as: some children leave home without eating anything, yet the government can’t provide everything; teachers’ travel many miles since there is no teacher’s accommodation.
Through this program Parents/relatives are encouraged to educate their children and CSU does this through the community and Religious leaders. It is still a challenge since there still so many children in the community who are not schooling and CSU tries to remind parents/relatives their roles and responsibilities.