Children Safe Uganda – Since Children Safe Uganda partners with parents on child and community development, it was found out that some parents can’t meet their basic needs due to prevailing poverty in the communities. Through this, we use Self Help Group Approach (SHG). This is informal associations/groups of poor/weaker people in communities with common objectives of working together for holistic development. Through these groups, people’s capacities are built in order to meet their basic needs. Some of the activities carried out in these groups include, importance of education, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, sanitization on drinking safe water, skills in business promotion and selection, saving culture, Functional Adult literacy, modern farming, among others. Children also have Mutual Help groups (MHG) which work closely with SHG. Through these, children are taught how to  be responsible for their own development and to reach out to fellow young ones in communities.

One of the women's groups setting up their bee keeping projects

One of the women’s groups setting up their bee keeping projects

Besides SHG, is Shared Blessing Junior School Makukuba, a community school which was established as an intervention in the alarming illiteracy level at 86% that is prevailing in this community. Since majority of the community people never went to school, most of them are peasant farmers to the extent of failing to meet their basic needs including supporting their children. The nearest school and health centers are five miles away and life is very hard for the children and the community people. Any form of sustainability support  is highly appreciated.

Agricultural Traning - Children Safe Uganda

Empowering families with modern farming – Children Safe Uganda

Children Safe Uganda